Harvesting Carrots

Redefining the Standards of Organic

Organic Certification is intended to assure Consumers that a product marketed as Organic was in fact produced according to Organic Production Standards, which can vary by Country. The objective of Ethical and Organic Certification and Labeling schemes is to increase transparency along the Food Chain and inform the Consumer in a way that can promote sustainable consumption. However, with so many different Certifications, Logos, and Sustainable Standards, Consumer and Manufacturer confusion over which standards to use, and what each standard means are a big risk. Further, Organic Certifications have begun to be seen as raising costs for Producers and Prices for local consumers.

At Himalayan Made, we ensure to grow our Produces in the Farms where harmful chemicals such as Pesticides, Herbicides and Engineered Seeds such as GMO have never been used. We go beyond merely meeting the certification requirements of not using Chemicals in the farms for 3-5 years or 90-95% organic ingredients (as fit) and ensure that the Produces are purely free of any kinds of Chemicals and/ or Genetically Engineered Seeds.

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